Michella Noll Bowman – Ocean Therapy Potions

My name is Michella Bowman and I am a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist who creates holistic aromatherapy products for a naturally healthy lifestyle. I am today’s modern Apothecary. After developing several auto-immune conditions, I turned to holistic treatments to better my quality of life. Aromatherapy became my primary alternative treatment. After realizing the lack of quality aromatherapy practitioners and aromatherapy products in the area, I decided to study aromatherapy more. I am independently trained and certified from The New York School of Aromatic Studies, a nationally and internationally recognized school for holistic aromatherapy based right here in North Carolina. I have practiced Aromatherapy for over six years now. Please make no mistake, I am NOT a marketing representative from a direct sales company. Everything is hand crafted and hand made by me using original formulas in small batches. I use only pure, authentic essential oils and other natural ingredients that I personally source. Some of my product offerings include, pain relief, acne, sleep, anxiety, menopause, among others. I also carry oil blends to be used in a diffuser, bath, or massage.

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