Lyndsay Oliver – Knoll Folk

I create crystal goods which include (but are not limited to):
Wands/Altar Tools
Suncatchers/Home Goods
I use copper electroforming (copper is electrically ‘formed’ over parts of the piece) for a bit of my products. Many of my items also use reclaimed wood. I am as eco friendly as possible in my creations. A detailed description of my items is listed below.

99% of my jewelry includes crystals I collect or purchase from local shops.
Copper Electroformed: Rings, necklaces and earrings. They are incredibly one of a kind, very earthy and rugged pieces. I have a large inventory of rings and I love creating made to order pieces. I have unique open adjustable rings and crystal point pieces. Necklace cords for pendants include copper chain or vegan suede (I do not use animal products of any sort in my items).
Other metals: I create crystal necklaces which are simply drilled and set on dainty gold or silver color chain (sterling and gold fill options coming soon). I have a large assortment of obsidian arrowheads on hemp cord and beach shell necklaces as well which I create at a low price to be sure there is something for everyone.

Wood – Eco friendly fully wood wands which have been ethically foraged, sanded to reflect their integrity, and wood burn embedded with elemental symbols. They are sealed with linseed oil. Some include crystal points embedded to the ends.
Copper Electroformed- these wands are ethically foraged wood wands which are copper electroformed with crystal points on the ends (quartz, amethyst, tangerine quartz, Aqua and angel aura quartz). Some have partial wood exposed, some are full copper and may have extra crystals and designs. I am starting to incorporate electroforming flowers onto them (which have already fallen) as well.

These are created using metal, chain, hemp rope, wood, and crystals using different shapes and combinations. In one method I use ethically foraged wood to create bars which hang different crystals and suncatchers that create incredible colors in a room when the light hits.

I add new items quite regularly. I enjoy working with earthy materials and mixing metals, and I intend to create a vibe which incorporates this. My spiritual practice highly influences my creations, as I like to provide others with that which has benefit me.