Julienne Martone – Julienne Martone

I use antique love tokens (dimes from 1850’s to 1899) that have been planed flat, usually one side only and hand engraved with a name, a memorable scene or location, cross streets which have a special meaning of a meeting place, even used in lieu of today’s engagement rings. The other side of the coin shows the date of the coin, either seated liberty or Barber dime. The names, initials, etc would be the givers. In Victorian they were extremely popular and given to friends, relatives, lovers as remembrances, made into bracelets, necklaces and brooches.
I reimagine them and bring them to life using the finest gemstone chains, sterling silver and gold filled.
My collection also includes antique Victorian actual butterflies under glass, two sided pendants that represented transformation in life or passing to the other side. Again I make them in bright and beautiful keeping the original pendants intact.
My collection includes antique, vintage, and some modern as well
I have shown successfully at BAC and Burgwin Wright House. Etsy shop being renamed and redesigned with updated pieces.