Mike Bryand – Bryand Gallery

Mike Bryand is a photographer who has lived in Wilmington, NC for almost 30 years. 12 years ago, he began photographing the local landscape of the beautiful coastal area. Bryand’s photography career began in the early 2000s when he covered many racing events including the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR, and MotoGP. Since then, his work has been published worldwide in United Press International, Our State Magazine, and several local publications.

Bryand maintains a vast portfolio, which includes images from Historic Wilmington, local beaches and piers, as well as surrounding landmarks stretching from Jacksonville to Oak Island. His photographs also include dogs and other wildlife such as egrets and pelicans. Bryand prints his pieces with a Canon iPF8400, by process of giclee printing (ensuring a high quality image with long-lasting lifespan) and builds each canvas by hand.