Denise Mosco – Humble Hands Jewelry

As the youngest of 5 siblings growing up in a military family, the many moves exposed me to different cultures and environments that shaped my outlook on life. Often feeling like a misfit, I developed an appreciation for the quirky or odd. My mother, a journalist and artist herself, encouraged me to use my hands making crafts with found items, while teaching me that our hands are our best tools.
My jewelry represents these inherent elements of who I am.
After 30 years in the healthcare field, I rediscovered the joy of using my hands in creating jewelry. Working with a variety of materials allows me to stray from conventional rules. While inspired to use other artisan components, it is my own handcrafted metal clay items that open up a new avenue of imagination.
I believe art is personal, both for the artist and the audience. Art creates connections between strangers. My greatest reward is witnessing the connection my jewelry gives.