Scott Seifer – Woodcraft by Scott

Meet Wren, the reason Woodcraft By Scott exists.  I started making the kids dinosaur puzzles for my fun loving grand daughter.  I then made and donated 40 of them to the local elementary school and before I knew it, my hobby had morphed into everything that you see today.  I can’t thank her enough for inspiring me.

Everything I craft is from untreated wood (poplar or pine) and finished with a coating of food grade mineral oil or “painted” with watered down food coloring so that they are safe for all family members.

The artist behind the designs is Harvey Byler an Amish gentleman in Ohio.  He has been drawing these patterns for over 20 years and I have the pleasure of speaking with him and working with him on a weekly basis.

Welcome to my hobby world. Individually crafted animal puzzles: dogs, dinosaurs, sea life, zoo animals etc. 175+ breeds of dogs available.