Jacqueline Rey – Poppy Rey Creations

I will be offering handmade polymer clay earrings that are made of high-quality metals and clay to ensure both durability and comfort. Styles vary from smaller studs to more oversized statement earrings and festive seasonal styles. All posts and hoops are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and will last you for years to come. I value making only what I need in order to avoid any excess and prioritize quality to ensure the durability of each handmade piece. Every earring is intentionally made with no scrap of polymer clay going to waste, in fact, many of my colors and marbled styles are the results of recycled clay pairings.

Each earring is intentionally made and carefully crafted. Each earring starts as a block of clay that is then conditioned thoroughly to ensure a smooth texture and increased durability. The clay is then painted, textured, or mixed to create varied effects and a unique final project. Then comes the cutting process where the earrings really take shape before being cured (baked). Once cured, the earrings must be carefully sanded and drilled, some even receive a coat of resin. And finally, it is time to attach earring backs in a 3-step process or to add a hoop depending on the style!