Steve Karloski – Steve Karloski Sculpture

Steve Karloski creates his hand built clay pieces inspired by nature; plants, animals, and faces dominate his work, while organic form is used as the foundation for unique pottery.  Working in a home studio and teaching at local art centers, Steve has managed to find a very distinctive look, which has a timeless quality.  While remaining consistent in subject matter, there is a constant tendency to bring new, related ideas into play.  “I strive to evolve and combine familiar ideas with new ones that challenge and expand the variety of what I do; I see the creative process as never ending and seek ways to rediscover simple form and allegory.”  Steve’s primary goals are carving with hand tools and pushing a sculptural element, which come together and usually end up with a pottery piece that will never be duplicated.  Steve resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his work is primarily exhibited within the state.