Robin Preville – Anchor Art Glass

I took my first stained glass class over 20 years ago. After the 1st evening – I was hooked – for a while anyway. Then life happened, career, child, etc. During one of our relocation’s, I packed up my stained glass supplies and that’s where they stayed. Every once in a while I would pass by the boxes thinking “one day”.

20 years later I’m living in a beautiful coastal beach town, spending my weekends boogie boarding and beach combing. I had collected just enough sea glass to whet my appetite. I needed more to actually create a piece of art, fill a glass lamp, make a wind chime… After hours of research and experimentation with different “recipes” I came up with a process of turning broken glass into tumbled sea glass. The research led me to resin painting/pouring and Anchor Art Glass was born.