Kimberly M. Papanicolaou – Soul Pickets

I make Angels “that don’t fly” but certainly have a story to tell. I am influenced by a lifetime of helping my father in a business selling architectural salvage. I spent my childhood, helping to tear down houses that were to be bulldozed so we could keep the beautiful pieces from the landfill or being burned. I started making Soul Picket angels as a way to show people that there are many ways to look at the things that many of us toss without thought. The central binding element is that all of the angels are made from a stair/porch or chair picket (some call them spindles) in the center serving as sort of a “body,” that I have gathered from numerous sources. I then go on the hunt for the other elements everywhere from junkyards, recycling centers, thrift stores and the occasional find by the street as I am driving somewhere. I am responsible for the entire process in the creation of my angels from the gathering of elements to using my saws, various other power tools, hand tools, my paintbrushes, or any sort of tool I need to make sure that my angels will stand powerfully upright for years to come. As I collect elements from sources to come up with an angel physically, a story forms in my head.

From 2014, when I began to make Soul Picket angels to present day, each angel has a name as well. The stories as much as the angels are the connection with the people who have bought my angels previously. I pretty much can tell the person who might be interested in a particular angel where every single element came from and what I was thinking as I gathered it. I do not replicate any idea or any angel twice. Themed angels such as the ones I create using real shells (because I am local to Wilmington, still won’t look the same). There is a small sampling of angels on my Soul Picket FB page and website. I do not post all of them. I love making the angels and more so, love engaging with clients that walk into my booth and have a discussion. Art markets are my passion and I tend to do pretty well wherever I go with my Soul Picket Angels. I try to make my booth appealing and interesting by using old architectural pieces, chairs, pedestals and whatever I can find that is easy to configure to add to the appeal. I would be honored to bring Soul Picket angels, along with a few small items such as greeting/note cards with my own works featured on them or smaller mixed media collage pieces involving my own creations focusing on angels with found objects. Generally, however, I usually bring from 15-20 angels with me to a show, all completely different from each other. I was born and grew up in eastern NC. I have traveled and lived abroad and have influences from many directions. I do not have formal art training but do have a love of creating one of a kind objects and engaging with people who identify with this type of art. I have collectors that have 5 or more of my angels. I attended the American Craft Walk last year and bought many things from other artist and was determinded to apply myself this year. I really believe my Soul Pickets would do well at this market. I would strive to incorporate finds from the local area architectural salvage being sold through Legacy Salvage as a base and a connection to provide more relevance to Wilmington in many of the pieces I would create just for this show. I truly hope to be selected to be a vendor. I have been very successful at the BAC in several different events in the past. Showing at the American Craft Walk would be such a great experience and venue. Thank you for any consideration you would give me and my Soul Picket angels.