Justin Keishing – Arts by Justin

In June 2021 I entered my first art show. I was pleasantly surprised when so many people loved my art and even purchased my art. By November I had done 7 art shows in North Carolina, USA.
In my art shows I showcase epoxy resin arts, canvas arts, string arts, and feather arts. One of my most popular canvas arts series is called Chase Your Dreams. It’s a series of various characters (Animals, musicians, athletes, emergency services personnel) all demonstrating their gifts with a burst of colors following them.For me it’s more than a series. It’s my life. It’s my mom’s dream. It’s the favor of God in my life. I’m living proof no one should ever stop chasing their dreams! I have no formal education in drawing, painting, or the arts. All I had was a dream. That dream fuels a fight within me to learn. I constantly watch videos. I train myself. I take risk. I try. I get better. Every piece of art starts with a dream. Every display of my art continues with gratitude. Never stop dreaming.